Panel Funding and Expenditure


In establishing Police and Crime Panels, the Home Office agreed that a limited grant would be provided to the Local Authority acting as the Host Authority (i.e. providing the administrative support and management and maintaining the Police and Crime Panel). In the West Midlands this is Birmingham City Council.

The Panel’s Arrangements, agreed with the Home Office in July 2013, stated that:
The annual costs associated with the operation, organisation and administration of the Panel shall be offset by the Home Office grant to be managed by the Host Authority. All of the relevant costs incurred by the Host Authority in connection with the work of the Panel shall be met from the funding allocated by the Home Office unless the Authorities agree otherwise. The Host Authority shall monitor all expenditure incurred and make provision for an annual report.

An annual report on the WMPCP budget is published on the Panel’s agenda. The most recent report to the Panel can be found here (Item 10 PCP Budget report WMPCP , 13 January 2020).

2019/20 Grant Funding
The maximum amount which could be claimed from the Home Office in 2019/20 was £66,180. The amount claimed in 2019/20 indicated below.

(1) Panel administration £31,413.50
(2) Member Expenses  £0
(3) Panel Meeting Expenses £1,443.24
(4) Allowances £0.00
Total claimed from the Home Office £32,856.74

(1) Panel Administration
Costs for panel administration include officer time, conferences, training and website maintenance. Some Panels have appointed a full time officer to support the Panel, but instead within Birmingham a number of officers have some involvement in the Panel, but none work on it full time.
(2) Member Expenses
Members of the Panel can claim expenses in line with Birmingham City Council’s member expenses scheme, for travel, subsistence and child care.
(3) Panel Meeting Expenses
The grant also covers the cost of meeting rooms, refreshments, printing and postage.
(4) Allowances
In January 2013 the Panel agreed that Members would not use the Home Office grant to draw allowances for members of the Panel.