Panel role and responsibilities


The Panel has a dual role to both scrutinise and support the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).  The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 sets out the key statutory tasks the Panel must undertake:

  • Review the draft Police and Crime Plan (and any changes to it) to ensure local priorities have been considered
  • Consider the PCC’s annual report, setting out their activities in the previous year
  • Scrutinising the decisions and actions of the Commissioner
  • Consider the draft policing budget and policing precept (the money collected from council tax for policing)
  • Hold hearings when the PCC proposes to appoint a new Chief Constable, a Deputy PCC and other senior staff
  • Handle complaints against the PCC or the Deputy PCC, working to resolve (but not investigate) non-criminal complaints

Our reports relating to these statutory tasks, together with responses from the PCC can be found on our Publications page.
We have also carried out “proactive” scrutiny work, investigating a particular policy issue in detail and making recommendations. Our aim is to support the PCC in policy development. Our scrutiny reports on Safer Travel and Procurement can be found on our Publications page.
For more detailed information about how the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel operates read the Panel Arrangements and our Rules of Procedure

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