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Please use the form below to submit a complaint about the conduct of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

Please note that complaints about West Midlands Police can not be dealt with. Please contact the Professional Standards Department.

Before completing the form, if you have not already done so, please read the full advice and guidance for making complaints on our main Complaints and Misconducts Procedure page.  

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If you have arranged for someone to act on your behalf (perhaps a friend or relative) you must write to tell us before we can discuss your case with them.

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David Jamieson - Police and Crime Commissioner

Please note the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel can only handle complaints about the Police and Crime Commissioner. It does not have the power to look into complaints about West Midlands Police, police officers or staff.

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Address where the incident took place

Please provide details of your complaint including who was involved, what was said and done, if there was any damage or injury and the details of any witnesses or supplementary information you feel is relevant.

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In order to determine, record and resolve complaints the Police and Crime Panel may share information contained on this form with the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Independent Office for Police Conduct. If you are unhappy about this, please contact the Panel office before submitting a complaint.

To progress complaints we need to obtain all the required background documents from the Police and Crime Commissioner, and these are likely to include personal information about relevant parties.

I give my consent for the information contained on this form, and background documents, including my personal data to be shared between the Police and Crime Panel, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, the Police and Crime Commissioner, and the Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner in order to progress my complaint.
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Supporting documents (if required - max 5 documents, each no larger than 2mb)

What we will do with your complaint

We will first check that the Panel has the power to look at your complaint. We will write to you to explain how we will deal with it or tell you if it should be sent to another organisation.

If your complaint alleges criminal conduct the Panel must record it first and then pass it on to the Independent Office for Police Conduct to investigate. We will let you know if we do this.

Help with filling in this form

Complaints must be submitted in writing. However in line with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 2000 we can make reasonable adjustments to assist you if you have a disability that prevents you from making your complaint in writing.

Please contact us on 0121 464 6871 or if you need this document in a different format.

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