Jul 222019

The agenda is published below. Watch the meeting live from 2pm

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Public questions for this meeting should be sent to us by  8 January 2020.

Anyone living, working or studying in the West Midlands can submit a written question to the Police and Crime Panel or suggest an area of work. Our Getting Involved page has more information about submitting a question and an online form.

Questions must relate to the Panel’s role and responsibilities scrutinising and supporting the Police and Crime Commissioner. Questions should not be about operational police matters, or personal cases, or be for the Police and Crime Commissioner who has separate arrangements.

WMPCP Minutes 09 SEPT 2019

ITEM 6A Knife Crime and Violence Draft Session Plan Outline 13-JAN-20

ITEM 6B Knife and Violent Crime WMPCP 13-JAN-20

ITEM 6B Appendix 1Violence Prevention Needs Assessment Summary Part1

ITEM 6B Appendix 1Violence Prevention Needs Assessment Summary Part2

ITEM 07 Police Precept 202021

ITEM 08 Estates Strategy Update WMPCP 13-JAN-20

ITEM 09 Annual Complaints WMPCP 13-JAN-20

ITEM 10 PCP Budget report WMPCP 13-JAN-20


ITEM 12 WMPCP Work Programme 13 JAN-20