Dec 212017

Wolverhampton Civic Centre
St. Peter’s Square,
Wolverhampton, WV1 1SH

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Public questions for this meeting should be sent to us by 9 January 2018. Questions must relate to the Panel’s role scrutinising and supporting the Police and Crime Commissioner, or its statutory duties. Questions should not be about operational police matters or personal cases. Our Getting Involved page has more information about submitting a question to the panel and an online form.


Item 2 WMPCP FINAL Minutes 27- NOV-2017

ITEM 5 PCC Preliminary Budget Report WMPCP 15-JAN-18

ITEM 6 Gangs-and-Violence-Commission-Summary-Report WMPCP 15-JAN-18

ITEM 7 HMIC-Crime-Data-Integrity-Inspection-PCC-response WMPCP 15-JAN-18

ITEM 8 PCC decisions WMPCP 15-JAN-2018

ITEM 9 Work Programme WMPCP 15 JAN-2018