Jul 112016

The West Midlands Police and Crime Panel has 14 members. All but two are elected councillors. The two independent members were appointed by an selection panel, chaired by the late Cllr Darren Cooper. They were pleased to receive a number of very strong applications.

We’re pleased to welcome Kristina Murphy to the Panel and to announce that Lionel Walker will be continuing in this role. Both were formally appointed at the Panel meeting this afternoon (11th July)

Lionel Walker says:

“It is a honour and privilege to serve the West Midlands community for another four years by sitting on the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel. It is in this role that I expect to see the public voice being attentively listened to in relation to the prevention and addressing of crime in this area. I am very confident that the constructive scrutiny of the Commissioners’ work will not only enhance an already improving West Midlands Police Force, but also provide much needed support to the on-going changes in structure and service delivery of our Force.”

Kristina Murphy brings a range of experience to the role:

“I am really pleased to be offered the opportunity to contribute to the West Midlands community by being part of the WMPCP. Currently I am working at James Brindley School, which is a special academy helping support children with physical and mental health conditions access education. I have 14 years’ experience working in Governance and Risk whilst employed by BSMHFT which followed successful completion of my degree in Forensic Chemistry. To support my working knowledge with theory, I am studying for my masters in Strategic Management which allows a wider understanding of the potential impact of decisions made in the external and internal environment and how they interrelate.”