Feb 082016

The West Midlands Police and Crime Panel has accepted the £5 increase to the policing precept proposed by the Police and Crime Commissioner, David Jamieson.

The Panel, that had the power to veto the proposal, accepted the increase after a detailed question and answer session with the Police and Crime Commissioner on 1st February.

The increase is based on an average precept increase of £5. This would produce a charge for each property band for 2016/17, as follows:-

    2015/16 2016/17    
  Statutory Proportion Precept


£ : p



£ : p



£ : p



£ : p

A   6/9 71.03 74.36 3.33 0.06
B   7/9 82.87 86.76 3.89 0.07
C   8/9 94.71 99.15 4.44 0.09
D   9/9 106.55 111.55 5.00 0.10
E 11/9 130.23 136.34 6.11 0.12
F 13/9 153.91 161.13 7.22 0.14
G 15/9 177.58 185.91 8.33 0.16
H 18/9 213.10 223.10 10.00 0.19


The Panel’s report has been published on the Panel website at http://westmidlandspcp.co.uk/publications/

The Panel also discussed the Police and Crime Commissioner’s budget proposals. Members welcomed his continued commitment to passport community safety funding to Community Safety Partnerships, but questioned him on his decision to reduce this funding by 25% warning that it would be very difficult to absorb any further cuts.

The Panel also challenged the level of budget reserves, particularly those held as a contingency. Members noted the plans to spend reserves over the coming years and asked for greater transparency on their use.

The precept is the part of the council tax that pays for policing. The Police and Crime Commissioner must present his proposals each year to the Police and Crime Panel.

The Panel, made up of councillors from the 7 West Midlands local councils and two independent members, must review the proposal and agree, made recommendations, or veto the Commissioner’s proposal.