Jul 182014
Councillor Darren Cooper with Bob Jones

Councillor Darren Cooper with Bob Jones

The Panel paid tribute to Bob Jones at its meeting on 14th July, 2014. In addition to a minute’s silence to mark their respect, Members from across the political spectrum reflected on what Bob had contributed in over thirty years service to Wolverhampton and the West Midlands. A particularly moving accolade came from Cllr John Rowley who had served with Bob Jones as ward councillor for Blakenhall from 1982 until Bob resigned from the Council after taking up the role of PCC.

Following the discussion the Panel has submitted the following post to the book of condolences for Bob:

The West Midlands Police and Crime Panel, Chaired by Cllr Darren Cooper had the responsibility of scrutinising Bob Jones as Police and Crime Commissioner since the day he took office in November 2012. Although he was opposed to the concept of PCC, he served the public of the West Midlands with great dedication. He fought the corner of those who needed it, performed the role without fear or favour and made every effort to get to meetings across the whole of the region. The Panel had the utmost respect for Bob’s  knowledge of police, and of his  values. Overall he was an outstanding PCC  and an inherently decent man.

The book of condolences remains open: